The 24hr Rule...

The 24 Hour Rule.


Rejection is an absolute guarantee in this industry. Every artist at every level has been rejected at some point. Look at the thousands of inspirational quotes that are vomited over your news feed and they will tell you it will only make you stronger. I agree, but sometimes that cute puppy meme is just not enough. 


Rejection has many wonderful faces. Losing out on an opportunity to someone else isn’t always logical. It’s not always because you aren’t the best. It can be fickle things out of your control like hair colour, height, ethnicity, location.. or the fact that you look like the directors ex girlfriend (true story… I've witnessed this for real!)


So you have to figure out how best to deal with it. The degree to which the disappointment stings can depend on the job. For example missing out on a TVC that 200 people went for would sting a little less than being on ‘hold’ with one other person for a major contract and just missing out. Rejection is rejection and it almost always feels personal.


So until the day there are enough wonderful jobs for all the wonderful talented people I know OR the arts has a following like the NRL…here’s what I do to help me in these trying times.


I can’t exactly remember where I heard about the 24hr rule, but ever since I started putting it into practice I have noticeably felt less wounded by the ‘why-dont-they-want-me’ beast.


It goes something like this...


Give yourself 24 hours to be disappointed. In that 24 hours do whatever it is you feel. If you're a crier, cry. An eater, eat all of the sugar free chocolate and vegan ice cream available. Yell, scream, whinge or don’t answer your phone. It’s your time to feel whatever is it you want. But really feel it... the world can absolutely suck sometimes.


When you wake up the next morning it’s time to leave it be. Move forward with your day and try not to let it creep back into your thoughts. Read and regram that inspirational quote on Insta and make peace with the good ole ‘It wasn’t meant to be' mantra.


My theory behind allowing yourself to feel utterly disappointed is that you HAVE to care about what you do. You’re an artist and our job is to feel. If you don’t feel the depths of the lows you might not appreciate the dizziness of the highs. There will be the good with the bad. You have to be sensitive to the process. You have to put yourself out there, want the job and visualise it because that’s the process.


But you absolutely have to feel the disappointment too... otherwise it will turn to resentment, and the last thing this industry needs is more bruised egos modelling the latest range from Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda.


So try it out. I dare you. I am absolutely no expert but I figure advice is like pirouette technique, you just gotta find what works for you.


Amy - xx


Amy Campbell